Support Groups & Education Events

We know that this journey can feel so lonely and isolating.  Especially when we can't get our kids with CF together for playdates!  Our meetings take place at our office location in Newberg, Oregon.  We offer monthly support groups for our CF community: 

  • Welcome to the Club (meet & greet for newly diagnosed CF parents)
  • CF Mamas & Caregivers monthly meeting
  • CF Spouses monthly meeting
  • CF Sibling Support monthly meeting
  • Online support for CF patients

We also are planning a series of classes this summer for the CF Community:

  • What is cystic fibrosis?

  • School with CF, how to prepare a 504 & IHP

  • Ask the pharmacist night

  • Will and financial planning

  • LIfe insurance

For specific details on when you can join our next meeting, email us at or simply fill out our Contact form!

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